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Snow Blind Book Cover with Award

Snow Blind:


On a beautiful July day in Atlanta, Bill Johnson was walking to the subway station with two colleagues when a lone gunman jumped out of the shadows and shot all three of them. Bill was the lucky one. The bullet that struck him entered one temple and exited the other, destroying his optic nerve. The other two men were killed.

Now profoundly blind, Bill had to learn to navigate this new, dark world. And he wanted to do it as a fully independent man, just as he had before. For Bill, it was a challenge but not a problem. In fact, just seven months after the shooting, he went snow skiing.

Bill’s extraordinary journey will inspire and delight as you witness him accept his new reality, embrace new ways of doing things, and find wholeness and healing in the midst of the struggles to return to a full and independent life.

“I could not stop reading! Bill’s storytelling takes you right along on the journey with him, and I was captivated from the first few words. Bill’s independence and determination shone through immediately. He refused to let his sudden blindness hold him back from living the life he always intended to live. Bill is an inspiration to anyone who has fought through hard times and he is one heck of a snow skier. Keep it up!”

Christine Holmberg

Executive Director, Foresight Ski Guides

“A victim of a random shooting on a business trip, Bill Johnson was blinded while his two business companions suffered mortal wounds. Although he realized he had challenges to face, Bill showed bold determination to return to the life he led as a businessman, a father, and a lover of life. He miraculously skipped typical phases of grief to regain his status and venture out to new experiences. Bill’s inspirational journey shows that a powerful drive can surmount all odds and that someone who becomes blinded can live a fulfilling life. I consider Bill a role model not only for blind people but for all those who are fighting not to allow overwhelming challenges to interfere with the dreams for their lives.”

Carl Augusto

President, Emeritus of the American Foundation for the Blind

“This memoir is smooth flowing from beginning to end, filled with interesting information and facts around injuries that cause blindness as well as the ensuing treatment and rehabilitation. Bill also shares with us his personal, physical, and emotional challenges that led him to the school for the blind and independence. I would recommend this book to all adults and children, especially those who have friends or family members that are visually impaired.” 

Natalie Soine

Readers' Favorite