Book Cover

Snow Blind:

Recovering After the Random Shooting

By William M. Johnson

“Bill Johnson has endured more in his lifetime than most could imagine. And yet, what amazed me most in reading Snow Blind was not that he survived being shot in the head or that he relearned to live a remarkably normal life afterward, but the fact that he simply refused to allow someone else’s actions to steal the possibility of his future. In a society where excuses are offered for poor behavior or lousy results, Bill casts a wildly different vision of taking total ownership for our lives and embracing the limitless possibilities within them. Read this book.” -John O’Leary #1 National Bestselling author of In Awe and On Fire


As our world turns, things must move on.
Each day commences with its own dawn.
Yesterday’s sunset, so gloriously bright,
in no way can affect this morning’s light.


Such a fortunate few can appreciate
the joy of challenges that dawns create,
can recognize sparkles piercing scenes dark,
can feel opportunity, and then can hark


the eternal call of forces so strong
that they open new vistas to carry us on.
Optical light’s end, Bill Johnson knows,
may fountain a wealth of wonderous flows.


In depths very deep, upon mountains high,
new dawns await, to catch the mind’s eye.
Live life to its fullest, ever up, ever on.
Revel in the glories of each fresh dawn.


BRENT E CLARY 12/20/2021